Rit Fiskideildar -

Journal of the Marine Research Institute

ISSN 0484-9019
Ceased publication - last issue vol. 16(1999)

Vol. 1(1940-1952): (8 hefti. - Complete with 8 issues.)

1940, nr. 1: Árni Friðriksson: Rannsóknir Fiskideildar 1937-1939. Investigations carried out by the Fisheries Department of the University Research Institute in Reykjavík in the years 1937-1939. Reykjavík 1940.

1940, nr. 2: Árni Friðriksson: Lax-rannsóknir 1937-1939. Salmon Investigations in the Years 1937-1939.. Reykjavík 1940.

1941, nr. 1: Finnur Guðmundsson og Geir Gígja: Vatnakerfi Ölfusár-Hvítár. The River-system Ölfusá-Hvítá. Reykjavík 1941.

1942, nr. 1: Finnur Guðmundson og Geir Gígja: Vatnakerfi Blöndu. The River-system Blanda. Reykjavík 1941.

1944, nr. 1: Árni Friðriksson: Norðurlandssíldin. The Herring of the North Coast of Iceland. Reykjavík 1944. (Ófáanleg. - Out of print.)

1950, nr. 1: Árni Friðriksson og Günther Timmermann: Rannsóknir á hrygningarstöðvum vorgotssíldar vorið 1950. Herring Spawning Grounds off the South Coast of Iceland during Spring 1950. Reykjavík 1950. (Ófáanleg. - Out of print.)

1950, nr. 2: Árni Friðriksson og Olaf Aasen: Norsk-íslensku síldarmerkingarnar. (Translation of: Árni Friðriksson and Olaf Aasen 1950: The Norwegian-Icelandic Herring Tagging Experiments. Rep. on Norw. Fish. and Mar. Inv., 9(11).) Reykjavík 1950. (Ófáanleg. - Out of print.)

1952, nr. 1: Árni Friðriksson og Olaf Aasen: The Norwegian-Icelandic Herring Tagging Experiments. Report no. 2. Reykjavík 1952.

Vol. 2(1953-1961): (10 hefti. - Complete with 10 issues.)

Nr. 1: Hermann Einarsson and Unnsteinn Stefánsson: Drift Bottle Experiments in the Waters between Iceland, Greenland and Jan Mayen during the Years 1947 and 1949. Reykjavík 1953.

Nr. 2: Unnsteinn Stefánsson: Temperature variations in the North Icelandic Coastal Area. Reykjavík 1954.

Nr. 3: Hermann Einarsson: Skarkolinn (Pleuronectes platessa L.) í Hamarsfirði. The Plaice (Pleuronectes platessa L.) in Hamarsfjord, E-Iceland). Reykjavík 1956.

Nr. 4: Hermann Einarsson: Frequency and distribution of post-larval stages of herring (Clupea harengus L.) in Icelandic waters. Reykjavík 1956.

Nr. 5: Jakob Jakobsson: A Study of the Plankton-Herring Relationship off the SW-Coast of Iceland. Reykjavík 1958.

Nr. 6: Ingvar Hallgrímsson: A Short-cut Method for Estimating Zooplankton Composition while at Sea. Reykjavík 1958.

Nr. 7: Hermann Einarsson: The Fry of Sebastes in Icelandic Waters and Adjacent Seas. Reykjavík 1960.

Nr. 8: Unnsteinn Stefánsson: Temperature at 20 Meters in Icelandic waters in May-June 1950-1959.. Reykjavík 1960.

Nr. 9: Unnsteinn Stefánsson, Baldur Líndal, Jóhann Jakobsson and Ísleifur Jónsson: The Salinity at the Shores of Southwest Iceland. Reykjavík 1961

Nr. 10: Jakob Jakobsson: Icelandic Driftnet Herring Tagging Experiments.. Reykjavík 1961.

Vol. 3(1962): (Eitt hefti: Complete with 1 issue.)

Unnsteinn Stefánsson: North Icelandic Waters. Reykjavík 1962.

Vol. 4(1963-1970): (7 hefti. - Complete with 7 issues.)

Nr. 1: Unnsteinn Stefánsson: The "Ægir" Redfish Larvae Expeditions to the Irminger Sea in May 1961. Oceanographical Observations. Reykjavík 1963.

Nr. 2: Jakob Jakobsson, Jutta Magnússon and Ingvar Hallgrímsson: The "Ægir" Redfish Larvae Expedition to the Irminger Sea in May 1961. Cruise Report and Biological Observations. Reykjavík 1965.

Nr. 3: Gunnar Jónsson: Contribution to the Biology of the Dab (Limanda Limanda L.) in Icelandic Waters. Reykjavík 1966. (Ófáanlegt. - Out of print.)

Nr. 4: Jutta Magnússon: On Capelin Larvae (Mallotus villosus O.F. Müller) in Icelandic Waters During the Years 1960 to 1964. Reykjavík 1966.

Nr. 5: Hermann Einarsson and George C. Williams: Planktonic Fish Eggs of Faxaflói, Southwest Iceland, 1948-1957. Reykjavík 1968. (Ófáanlegt. - Out of print)

Nr. 6: Jakob Jakobsson, Hjálmar Vilhjálmsson and Sigfús A. Schopka: On the Biology of the Icelandic Herring Stocks. Reykjavík 1969. (Ófáanlegt. - Out of print.)

Nr. 7: Gunnar Jónsson: Fiskatal. Skrá um íslenzka fiska í sjó. Reykjavík 1970. (Ófáanlegt. - Out of print.)

Vol. 5(1971-1978): (6 hefti - Complete with 6 issues.)

Nr. 1: Brian W. Jones and Jón Jónsson: Coalfish Tagging Experiments at Iceland. Reykjavík 1971.

Nr. 2: Unnsteinn Stefánsson and Sigþrúður Jónsdóttir: Bear-bottom Temperature around Iceland. Reykjavík 1974.

Nr. 3: Jakob Magnússon and Jutta V. Magnússon: On the Distribution and Abundance of Young Redfish at Iceland 1974. Reykjavík 1975.

Nr. 4: Eyjólfur Friðgeirsson: Observations on Spawning Behaviour and Embryonic Development of the Icelandic Capelin. Reykjavík 1976. (Ófáanlegt. - Out of print).

Nr. 5: Carl Jakob Rörvig, Jón Jónsson, Ole A. Mathiesen and Åge Jonsgård: Fin Whales, Balaenoptera physalus (L.), off the West Coast of Iceland. Distribution, Segregation by Length and Exploitation. Reykjavík 1976.

Nr. 6: Eyjólfur Friðgeirsson: Embryonic Development of Five Species of Gadoid Fishes in Icelandic Waters. Reykjavík 1978. (Ófáanlegt - Out of print).

Vol. 6(1981-1982): (4 hefti. - Complete with 4 issues.)

Nr. 1: Aðalsteinn Sigurðsson: Migration of Greenland Halibut Reinhardtius hippoglossoides (Walb.) from Iceland to Norway.
Kjartan Thors: Environmental Features of the Capelin Spawning Grounds South of Iceland.
Unnsteinn Stefánsson: Particulate Matter in Icelandic Surface Waters. Reykjavík 1981.

Nr. 2: Einar Jónsson: A Survey of Spawning and Reproduction of the Icelandic Cod. Reykjavík 1982.

Nr. 3: Svend-Aage Malmberg and Geir Magnússon: Sea Surface Temperature and Salinity in South Icelandic waters in the Period 1868-1965. Reykjavík 1982.

Nr. 4: Gunnar Jónsson: Contribution to the biology of Catfish (Anarhichas lupus) at Iceland.3-26.
Aðalsteinn Sigurðsson: Long Distance migrations of Plaice (Pleuronectes platessa L.). 27-31. Reykjavík 1982.

Vol. 7(1983): (3 hefti. - Complete with 3 issues.)

Nr. 1: Ólafur K. Pálsson: The Feeding Habits of Demersal Fish Species in Icelandic Waters. Reykjavík 1983.

Nr. 2: Sigurður Jónsson: Effets de le lumière colorée et de quelques autres facteurs sur la formation des gamètes chez l'Enteromorpha prolifera, Chlorophycée marine.
Ólafur S. Ástþórsson, Ingvar Hallgrímsson and Guðmundur S. Jónsson: Variations in Zooplankton densities in Icelandic Waters in Spring During the Years 1961-1982. Reykjavík 1983.

Nr. 3: Unnsteinn Stefánsson and Björn Jóhannesson: Ólafsfjarðarvatn - a Saline Meromictic Lake in North Iceland.
Hjálmar Vilhjálmsson: Biology, Abundance Estimates and Management of the Icelandic Stock of Capelin. Reykjavík 1983.

Vol. 8(1984): (1 hefti. - Complete in 1 issue.)

William A. Watkins, Karen E. Moore, Jóhann Sigurjónsson, Douglas Wartzok and Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara: Fin Whale (Balaenoptera physalus) Tracked by Radio in the Irminger Sea. Reykjavík 1984. 14 pp.

Vol. 9(1985): (1 hefti. - Complete in 1 issue.)

Unnsteinn Stefánsson, (editor): Chemical Tracers for Studying Water Masses and Physical Processes in the Sea. Proceedings of a Nordic Symposium in Reykjavík, August 29 - September 1, 1984. Reykjavík 1985. 186 pp.


Dyrssen, David: Source of Chemical Differences in Sea Water.

Östlund, H. Göte: Tritium and Radiocarbon in the North Atlantic Ocean. - An Overview.

Takahashi, Taro, Jón Ólafsson, Wallace Broecker, John Goddard, James White and David Chipman: Seasonal Variability of the Carbon-Nutrient Chemistry in the Ocean areas west and North of Iceland.

Aarkrog, Asker, Henning Dahlgaard, Heinz Hansen, Elis Holm, Lars Hallstadius, J. Rioseco and Gordon Christensen: Radioactive Tracer Studies in the Surface Waters of the Northern North Atlantic Including the Greenland, Norwegian and Barents Seas.

Livingston, Hugh D.: Anthropogenic radiotracer evolution in the Central Greenland Sea.

Smethie, jr., William M. and H. Göte Östlund: An Investigation of Deep water Mass Formation in the Greenland and Norwegian Seas using 85Kr and Tritium as Tracers.

Abdullah, M.I.: Trace Metals as Tracers Their Interaction and Residence.

Elderfield, Harry: Radigenic Isotopes and Rare Earth Elements as Tracers in the Ocean.

Kullenberg, Gunnar: On the Use of Optical Tracers in the Sea.

Árnason, Bragi: The Use of Deuterium to Trace the Origin of Drifting Sea Ice.

Andersen, Leif G. and E. Peter Jones: Sea Ice Melt Water, a Source of Alkalinity, Calcium and Sulfate? - Results from CESAR Ice Station.

Midttun, Lars: Formation of Dense Bottom Water in the Barents Sea. - Extended Abstract.

Bennekom, A.J. Van: Dissolved Silica as an Indicator of Antarctic Bottom Water Penetration, and the Variability in the Bottom Layers of the Norwegian and Iceland Basin.

Hansen, Bogi: The Circulation of the Northern Part of the Northeast Atlantic.

Malmberg, Svend-Aage: The water Masses Between Iceland and Greenland.

Buch, Erik: Seasonal and Year to Year Variations of West Greenland Waters in Recent Years.

Fonselius, Stig H.: Water Renewal in a Semi-Stagnant Sea Studied By Means of Chemical Parameters.

Voipio, Aarno: Radionuclides and the Mass Balance of the Baltic Sea - Extended Abstract.

Rydberg, Lars and Johan Sundberg: External Nutrient Supply to Coastal Waters. A Comparison Between Different Sources.

Olausson, Erik: The Changing Oceans - Extended Abstract.

Brattegard, Torleiv: A Biologist's Search for Chemical Solutions to Physical Problems.

Vol. 10(1987): (1 hefti. - Complete in 1 issue.)

Sigurður Jónsson, Karl Gunnarsson, Jean-Paul Briane: Évolution de la nouvelle flore marine de l'île volcanique de Surtsey, Islande. Reykjavík 1987. 30 pp.

Vol. 11(1988): (1 hefti. - Complete in 1 issue).

Jóhann Sigurjónsson, Stephen Leatherwood (guest editors): North Atlantic Killer Whales. Workshop on North Atlantic Killer Whales, Prowincetown, 11-14 May 1987. Reykjavík 1988. 317 pp.


Reeves, Randall R. and Edward Mitchell: Killer whale Sightings and Takes by American Pelagic Whalers in the North Atlantic.

Hammond, Philip S. and Christina Lockyer: Distribution of Killer Whales in the Eastern North Atlantic.

Evans, Peter G.H.: Killer Whales (Orcinus orca) in British and Irish waters.

Bloch, Dorete and Christina Lockyer: Killer Whales (Orcinus orca) in Faroese Waters.

Öien, Nils: The Distribution of Killer Whales (Orcinus orca) in the North Atlantic Based on Norwegian Catches, 1938-1981, and Incidental sightings, 1967-1987.

Christensen, Ivar: Distribution, Movements and Abundance of Killer Whales (Orcinus orca) in Norwegian Coastal waters, 1982-1987, Based on Questionnaire Surveys.

Lyrholm, Thomas: Photoidentification of Individual Killer Whales, Orcinus orca, off the Coast of Norway, 1983-1986.

Lien, Jon, Ivar Christensen, Maren Lien and Peter W. Jones: A Note on Killer Whales (Orcinus orca) Near Svolvær, Norway in November-December 1984.

Sigurjónsson, Jóhann, Thomas Lyrholm, Stephen Leatherwood, Erlendur Jónsson and Gísli Víkingsson: Photoidentification of Killer Whales, Orcinus orca, off Iceland, 1981 Through 1986.

Heide-Jörgensen, Mads-Peter: Occurrence and Hunting of Killer whales in Greenland.

Reeves, Randall R. and Edward Mitchell: Distribution and Seasonality of Killer Whales in the Eastern Canadian Arctic.

Mitchell, Edward and Randall R. Reeves: Records of Killer Whales in the Western North Atlantic, with Emphasis on Eastern Canadian Waters.

Lien, Jon, Garry B. Stenson and Peter W. Jones: Killer Whales (Orcinus orca) in Waters off Newfoundland and Labrador, 1978-1986.

Wenzel, Friedrich and Richard Sears: A Note on Killer Whales in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Including an Account of an Attack on a Minke Whale.

Katona, Steven K., Judith A. Beard, Philip E. Girton and Friedrich Wenzel: Killer Whales (Orcinus orca) from the Bay of Fundy to the Equator, Including the Gulf of Mexico.

Moore, Sue E., Jon K. Francine, Ann E. Bowles and John K.B. Ford: Analysis of Calls of Killer Whales, (Orcinus orca), from Iceland and Norway.

Bowles, Ann E., W. Glenn Young and Edward D. Asper: Ontogeny of Stereotyped Calling of a Killer Whale Calf, Orcinus orca, During Her First Year.

Thomas, Gary L. and Fred L. Felleman: Acoustic Measurements of the Fish Assemblage Beneath Killer Whale Pods in the Pacific Northwest.

Myrick, Albert C. jr., Pamela K. Yochem and Lanny H. Cornell: Toward Calibrating Dentinal Layers in Captive Killer Whales by Use of Tetracycline Labels.

Duffield, Deborah A. and Karen W. Miller: Demographic Features of Killer Whales in Oceanaria on the United States and Canada, 1965-1987.

Sigurjónsson, Jóhann and Stephen Leatherwood: The Icelandic Live-Capture Fishery for Killer Whales, 1976-1988.

Vol. 12(1991): (3 hefti. - Complete in 3 issue.)

Nr. 1: Karl Gunnarsson: Populations de Laminaria hyperborea et Laminaria digitata (Phéophycées) dans la Baie de Breiðifjörður, Islande. Reykjavík 1991. 148 pp.

Nr. 2: Christina Lockyer: Body composition of the sperm whale Physeter catodon, with special reference to the possible functions of fat depots. Reykjavík 1991. 24 pp.

Nr. 3: Unnsteinn Stefánsson and Jón Ólafsson: Nutrients and fertility of Icelandic waters. Reykjavík 1991. 56 pp.

Vol. 13(1994): (1 hefti. - Complete in 1 issue).

Hjálmar Vilhjálmsson: The Icelandic Capelin Stock. The Capelin, Mallotus villosus (Müller) in the Iceland - Greenland - Jan Mayen area. Reykjavík 1994. 281 pp. (Ófáanlegt. - Out of print.)

Vol. 14(1996): (1 hefti. - Complete in 1 issue.)

Jón Jónsson: Tagging of cod (Gadus morhua) in Icelandic waters 1948-1986.
Jón Jónsson: Tagging of haddock (Gadus aeglefinus) in Icelandic waters 1953-1965. Reykjavík 1996. 108 pp.

Vol. 15(1997): ( 1 hefti. - Complete in 1 issue.)

Hjálmar Vilhjálmsson: Climatic variations and some examples of their effects on the marine ecology of Icelandic and Greenland waters, in particular during the present century.
Hjálmar Vilhjálmsson: Interactions between capelin (Mallotus villosus) and other species and the significance of such interactions for the management and harvesting of marine ecosystems in the northern North Atlantic. Reykjavík 1997. 63 pp.

Vol. 16(1999): (1 hefti. - Complete in 1 issue.)

Hjálmar Vilhjálmsson, Jón Ólafsson, Ólafur S. Ástþórsson (guest editors): Unnsteinn Stefánsson, Festschrift.


Eiríkur Þ. Einarsson (compiler): Publications by Unnsteinn Stefánsson, pp. 9-12.

Hansen, Bogi, Regin Kristiansen: Variations of the Faroe Bank Channel overflow, pp. 13-22.

Héðinn Valdimarsson, Svend-Aage Malmberg: Near-surface circulation in Icelandic waters derived from satellite tracked drifters, pp. 23-39.

Jón Ólafsson: Connection between oceanic conditions off N-Iceland, Lake Mývatn temperature, regional wind direction variability and the North Atlantic Oscillation, pp. 41-57.

Steingrímur Jónsson: Temperature time series from Icelandic coastal stations, pp. 59-68.

Elísabet Dolinda Ólafsdóttir, Sigurður Emil Pálsson, Sigurður M. Magnússon, Kjartan Guðnason: Distribution and origin of Cs-137 in the ocean around Iceland - an indicator of man-made radioactivity, pp. 69-77.

Sólveig R. Ólafsdóttir, Jón Ólafsson: Input of dissolved constituents from River Þjórsá to S-Iceland coastal waters, pp. 79-88.

Stefán S. Kristmannsson: Dissolved oxygen conditions on the shelf off Namibia in 1994, pp. 89-95.

Guðmundur G. Haraldsson: The application of lipase for preparing various lipids enriched with omega-3 fatty acids, pp. 97-105.

Sigmundur Guðbjarnason: Bioactive marine natural products, pp. 107-110.

Guðjón Atli Auðunsson: The effect of nutritional status of Icelandic cod (Gadus morhua) on macroconstituents and trace elements in the liver, pp. 111-129.

Ólafur S. Ástþórsson, Ástþór Gíslason: Inter-annual variation in abundance and development of Calanus finmarchicus in Faxaflói, West-Iceland, pp. 131-140.

Agnar Ingólfsson: The macrofauna of the tidal flats at Blikastaðir, southwestern Iceland, during a 27-year period, pp. 141-154.

Arnþór Garðarsson: The density of seabirds west of Iceland, pp. 155-169.

Jörundur Svavarsson: The deep water gnathiid Caecognathia bicolor (Hansen, 1916) (Crustacea, Isopoda, Gnathiidae) - redescription and new data on its distribution, pp. 171-185.

Sigurður Jónsson: The status of the Acrosiphoniales (Chlorophyta), pp. 187-196.

Gunnar Jónsson, Jónbjörn Pálsson: Fishes of the suborder Ceratioidei (Pisces Lophiiformes) in Icelandic and adjacent waters, pp. 197-207.

Jakob Jakobsson, O.J. Ostvedt: A review of joint investigations on the distribution of herring in the Norwegian and Iceland Seas 1950-1970, pp. 209-238.

Hrafnkell Eiríksson: Spatial variabilities of CPUE and mean size as possible criteria for unit stock demarcations in analytical assessments of Nephrops at Iceland, pp. 239-245.

Unnur Skúladóttir, Gunnar Pétursson: Defining populations of northern shrimp, Pandalus borealis (Kroyer 1838), in Icelandic waters using the maximum length and maturity ogive of females, pp. 247-262.

Sigrún Jóhannesdóttir, Hjálmar Vilhjálmsson: Fecundity of Icelandic capelin Mallotus villosus (Müller), pp. 263-270.

Björn Björnsson: Is the growth rate of Icelandic cod (Gadus morhua L.) food limited? A comparison between pen-reared cod and wild cod living under similar thermal conditions, pp. 271-279.

Guðmundur Guðmundsson, Sigfús A. Schopka: Developments in Icelandic cod stock assessment and application to NE-Arctic cod, pp. 281-194.

Kjartan G. Magnússon: Biological interactions in fish stocks: models and reality, pp. 295-305.