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Location of repeated Icelandic CTD stations.

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Project: VEINS

Variability of Exchanges
n the Northern Seas

The overall objective of VEINS is to measure and to model the variability of the fluxes between the Arctic Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean with a view on implementing a longer term system of critical measurements needed to understand the high-latitude oceans steering role in decadal climate variability.

The Project (MAS3-CT96-0070) is funded by the Commission of the European Union under the MAST III Programme. It started in February 1997 and will last until July 2000. The field work, modelling activities and analysis is carried out by 18 institutions from 9 European countries.

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Preliminary hydrographic work:

Includes the following Icelandic hydrographic sections from May/June 1997 to (November 1999):

For more information see VEINS Cruise Reports and Tracks

Location of repeated Icelandic VEINS CTD sections and long-term current meter moorings .

Potential Temperature Sections

Salinity Sections


Project: Nordic WOCE

(the Nordic contribution to the World Ocean Circulation Experiment)

For more information see Cruise Reports and Tracks

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Interannual variation between the September Cruises:

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Project: ERS1

(European Remote Sensing satellite 1)

September 1992 Cruise: