Tagging methods

Table below holds a list of examples of methods. These are kept as independent html files and should not be confused with the database of tagging experiments. The difference is that the text files are more flexible and can hold more text than the database format. Formats, contents and illustrations are left to each individual author of a method description.

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Double tagging, general information.  
Internal tagging of cod with DSTs and double tagging with a DST and a conventional tag. Cod, Gadus morhua, Double tagging, Data Storage Tags, DST, Floy tags, surgical implantation
Tagging of plaice with Floy-T-bar and double tagging with DSTs and Floy-T-bar (MRI).  Pleuronectes platessa, Plaice, DSTs, Floy-T-bar
Carlin tagging, general information (SRI).  
Coded wire tagging, IM-Irland  Atlantic salmon, tagging, CWT, coded wire tag,
The recovery of tags or marks  
Tag recovery,_posters  
Electronic_tagging, general info. (CEFAS)  
 CWT-tagging IFF, Iceland Atlantic salmon, tagging, CWT, coded wire tag, individually microtagged smolt, survival, growth.

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