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The "Database on tagging experiments" is an ORACLE database based at MRI, Reykjavík. You can look at the records in the database by selecting "Search" and add more records by selecting "Submit a form". There is a special help page for the entering data into the database entry form (questionnaire)

This option allows a search of the contents of the database. You can either browse through the whole database by not entering any restrictions, or limit the search to the options shown on next page.


This option allows a an entry to be made and submitted to the database. Please feel free to enter as many as you like of the tagging experiments you have done or are currently running.

If you want to make minor changes in records that are already in the database, print the record from the web-side, make the changes by hand and mail to the web-site manager Villi Thorsteinsson, Marine Research Institute, P.O.Box1390, Skulagata 4, 121 Reykjavik, Iceland. Fax: +354 5623790.

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