B-Tags and tagging

Tag and mark types

List of tags and mark types with hyperlinks to further descriptions and pictures.

Tagging methods manual

List of methods which have been chosen to represent the methodology involved in tagging and marking experiments, with hyperlink to documents with methods description.

Applications analysis and modelling

This section describes how the various tagging and marking techniques are useful and important and also some of the drawbacks.

Database of tagging experiments

Entrance to a database with various tagging experiments. The objective of this section is to give information on tagging experiments in the past and present. Anyone can add information on their experiments through a data-entry form active on the web-site. This data base can be searched.

Search for recaptures

The objectives of this section is to provide search facilities to find the Institute of release, for tags which are found. Can also be used to find all sorts of information concerning tagging activity e.g. how many tags released by institutes, species, experiments, locality and groups. This section can also be used check on tagging situation within institute and to increase information flow to general public and to facilitate recovery of tags.

This section is decentralised in organization that is the databases are based within the institutes listed. The maintenance of each database is the responsibility of particular institute. This gives opportunities to use this search facilities within institutes and for interactions with local fishermen or fish-industry. That is why the contents under MRI has Icelandic explanations besides English explanations.

Recommendations of the CATAG group

Recommendations made by the CATAG group on improvements of methodology in tagging experiments relating to fisheries research and management. These are the conclusions of the four work-groups and a recommendation for future activities in the field.

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