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    This is a database of names of scientists and institutes who have been in contact with CATAG project. CATAG partners are included. The database can be searched for names, institutes and field of interest.
    New contacts can write their names, addresses and fields of interests and submit to the web-site manager who adds them to the web-site.

    The purpose of this database is to facilitate communication among scientists with interest in tagging or marking related research. There is a possibility that in the future newsletters or similar news media will be distributed to those who have their E-mail addresses here.

This option allows a search of the contents of the database. You can either browse through the whole database by not entering any restrictions, or limit the search to the options shown on next page.
This option allows you to add contacts to the database. Currently you can only add but not update contact information via the web.
 Help on how to search and add contacts.

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