Participants are divided into four work-groups which are active through out the project period. Each work-group tackles problems and possible improvements within its own field and communicates its results to the other three groups. The work-group leaders are also members of the projectís Management Committee.

Group A, dealing with conventional tagging (ID tags)
Leader: Mr. Curt Insulander
Others: Dr. Josianne Støttrup, Mr. Stig S. Pedersen, Mr. Vilhjalmur Thorsteinsson

Group B, dealing with electronic tagging, telemetry and data logging tags
Leader: Dr. Geoff Arnold.
Others: Mr. Sigmar Gudbjornsson, Dr. Tor G. Heggberget, Mr. Johannes Sturlaugsson, Dr. Niall Ó Maoiléidigh, Ms. Marianne Holm,

Group C, dealing with general fish health and behavior change encountered in tagging
procedures and legislation which affect tagging.
Leader: Prof. John Davenport.
Others: Dr. Gianna Fabi, Dr. Etienne Baras, Dr. Gisli Jonsson.

Group D, dealing with data analysis and modeling
Leader: Dr. Olav R. Godø.
Others: Dr.Ing. Federico Borghini, Mr. Tapani Pakarinen, Dr. George Tserpes.

The E-mail address for each partner is shown in
project participants.

To facilitate the work and communication among the partners and within groups these E-mails were grouped and linked to the following E-mail addresses.

"": for members of the working group on conventional tagging
"": for members of the working group on electronic tagging
"": for members of the working group on health and legislation
"": for members of the working group on data analysis and use of models

"": for all partners


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