Mr. Sigmar Gudbjornsson

Engineer manager

Sigmar Gudbjornssson is the Managing Director of Star Oddi. He has taken part in international R&D projects since 1983. His role has been that of development engineer and project manager and he has founded two firms which are active leaders in R&D in their own field. Sigmar has had experience in the following companies:

Dancall a/s (DK) 1983 - 1986, development engineer of radio frequency products and project manager.

T-com a/s (DK) 1987 - 1992, original founder, R&D engineer manager of cellular products; After the firm showed remarkable results in developing cellular telephones for the world market, the firm was bought by the multinational Korean concern, Maxon. Having served Maxon as a consultant for two years (from 1991 to 1992), Sigmar Gudbjornsson moved to his home country and joined Stjornu Oddi.

Sigmar Gudbjornsson is the original founder, director and engineer manager of Stjornu Oddi ehf (IS); The engineers of Stjornu Oddi have been working in close co-operation with biologists, from the Icelandic Marine Research Institute and the Fresh Water Institute, designing microsystems for tagging fish. This work has given us valuable experience and expertise in researching and developing future generations of such microsystems.


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