Producers and suppliers of tags

This is a list of Producers and suppliers of tags and tagging equipment (known to the organizers of this Web-site).

If you are a producer or supplier of anything that can be used in tagging experiments and you are not on this list, but would like to be, please send the necessary information to the coordinator of this project. If you are on the list and have anything to add or correct please contact the coordinator:

Vilhjálmur Thorsteinsson, Fax 354 5623790

Company / Institute Contact Types of product * Location
Advanced Telemetry Systems (ATS), Inc. Richard Reichle ET USA
Alec Electronics Co., Ltd.   ET (DST) Japan
Biomark   ET (PIT) USA
BIOTRACK Ltd Brian CRESSWELL ET United Kingdom
Birmingham University   ET (DST) England
Custom Telemetry   ET USA
Dickson Customer Service ET (DST) USA
Driesen + Kern GMBH   ET (DST) Germany
FishEagle International   ET; CT United Kingdom
Floy Tag & Manufacturing, Inc. Betsy Amick CT USA
Hallprint tags David Hall CT Australia
IMF Technology GMBH   ET Germany
LOTEK Keith Stoodley ET (RT; UT & DST) Canada
Jojo automasjon AS Johar Lundal PIT Norway
Northwest Marine Technology, Inc. David Solomon ET (DST); CT USA
Onset Computer Corporation   ET (DST) USA
SIRTRACK Limited K. Lay ET New Zealand
Sonotronics     USA
Star Oddi Ehf (SO) Mr. S. Gudbjornsson ET (DST) Iceland
Tagging Guns and Attachments   CT USA
TVP Positioning AB , Televilt Per Arne Lemnell ET Sweden
The Fabric Label Company   CT USA
Vemco Fred Voegeli ET (UT & DST) Canada
Wildlife Computers   ET (DST & SDR) USA

* Tag types are classified by the following groups:
CT = Conventional tags
ET = Electronic fish tags that here are classified according to the following:

  • PIT = Passive integrated transponder
    RT = Tadio transmitter tags
    UT = Ultrasonic transmitter tags
    DST = Data storage (logging) tags/Archivel tags
    SDR = Satellite-linked Data Recorders)

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