Gadget is the Globally applicable Area Disaggregated General Ecosystem Toolbox.

Welcome to the Gadget web page. This will eventually contain all the information you ever wanted to know about Gadget, but were afraid to ask. For the time being, however, the information is a bit sparse but we hope that it will grow quickly.

Gadget is a statistical model of marine ecosystems. Gadget models can be both very data- and computationally- intensive. Various scripts have been written to extract data from data warehouses set up for the dst² project into a Gadget format. To speed up processing time, a parallel processing optimiser (called Paramin) has been developed.

A good starting point for Gadget users is Daniel's ''Getting Started with Gadget''. There is also a guide to the Gadget Example which explains the Gadget functions used in the simple model that is available to download. A more thorough guide to the complexities of Gadget is the draft User Guide.

Got any questions, comments, complaints, praise or any other feedback? There is a Gadget help email address set up, so either let us know, or subscribe to the Gadget users email list and let other users know.


29.04.2015 Gadget development moved to github.

22.01.2014 Gadget 2.2.00 released.
Numerous changes and bug fixes have been made to Gadget. A notable major the addition to Gadget are stock variables that allow for the use of stock biomass to be used in model formulas.

22.11.2012 Paramin with MPI.
PVM has been swapped out for MPI in paramin and some minor bugs have been fixed. Paramin chapter added to the user guide that comes with Gadget.

22.11.2010 Gadget 2.1.06 for Windows.
Windows binary released, compiled with MinGW GCC after minor platform-specific modifications to the C++ source code.

05.06.2008 Gadget 2.1.06 released.
A bug-fix release, to fix the various bugs found over the past year.

18.12.2006 Gadget 2.1.05 released.
Extensions to the way the survey indices can be calculated. Added a simple harvest control rule to the fleet options. Various minor bug fixes and documentation updates.

26.07.2006 Gadget 2.1.04 released.
Fixed the bugs found since the last release, and updates to the documentation. Added details of the Gadget workshop based on simulated data.

24.04.2006 Gadget 2.1.03 released.
Changes to the way the otherfood data is specified, to make it consistent with the other input files. Added more printing options to output the modelled population. Improvements to the way the optimisation algorithms are specified.

28.11.2005 Gadget 2.1.02 released.
Changes to the way the migration data is specified, which should mean that it is easier to set up a model with more than one area. Added a ''prey preference'' option to allow for a Type III functional response. Improvements to the BFGS algorithm.

21.06.2005 Gadget 2.1.01 released.
Improvements to reduce the amount of memory used by Gadget, and to speed up the processing time. Added an option to model the catch in numbers. Added suitability functions based on the Richards function and the Gamma functon.

06.04.2005 Gadget 2.1.00 released.
Improvements to the handling of the output from the model, and added printing options that generate output from the likelihood comparisons. Improvements to the way the recruits and the initial population are handled. Extended the ''formula'' functionality.

19.11.2004 Gadget 2.0.07 released.
Improvements to the BFGS algorithm. Fixed the few bugs found since the last release. Updates to the documentation, including adding a paper presented at the ICES Annual Science Conference this year.

21.07.2004 Gadget 2.0.06 released.
Added an experimental version of the BFGS algorithm to the choice of optimisation algorithms. Changed the spawning process to include some spawning stock biomass functionality. Added functionality to allow fish to ''stray'' from one stock to another. Major updates to the user guide.

22.03.2004 Gadget 2.0.05 released.
Added a logging facility to give more information about Gadget simulations. Changed the spawning process to include an experimental through life-cycle function. Updates to the optimisation algorithms. More bug fixes to address some stability issues.

25.09.2003 Gadget users email list.
An email list for Gadget users has been set up. This is a general discussion list for any Gadget questions and comments, so please feel free to subscribe and join in.

16.09.2003 Gadget 2.0.04 released.
Recaptures data is now included, to make the tagging experiments more useful. Added simpler sum of squares functions, and more complicated multivariate normal functions, to the likelihood components. Changes to try to make the input to, and output from, Gadget more user-friendly. The user guide has been updated to cover all these changes and more.

09.05.2003 Gadget 2.0.03 released.
Lots of memory leaks and stability issues have been fixed. Also, a new simpler growth function and a new likelihood function have been added. The data structure has been simplified again, and Daniel has written a perl script that should convert your existing model to this new format.

25.04.2003 Gadget Example Guide.
A guide to the example Gadget model has been written, and is now included in the example dataset. A HTML version is available on these web pages.

12.12.2002 Getting Started.
Daniel's ''Getting Started with Gadget'' guide has been updated and is now included on these web pages. This is a good introduction to Gadget, if you can't face reading the user guide just yet.

11.12.2002 Draft User Guide.
A draft user guide has been written, and HTMLised for the web. Although some sections are incomplete, it is hoped that this will help users to build, and understand, Gadget models. Any comments or corrections would be welcomed.

10.12.2002 Gadget 2.0.02 released.
Various bugs preventing models with more than one area running have been fixed. Also, the printer classes are more stable and, with a bit of luck, everything is now hunky-dory. Upgrading is recommended.

14.11.2002 Gadget 2.0.01 released.
The link between Gadget and Paramin is working again, tagging data is now included and Gadget is now about 5% faster. Well worth the wait from the last release.

21.08.2002 Gadget 2.0.00 released.
The data structure is now completely different. Any existing models will no longer work, but Daniel has written a perl script that will convert them. Hopefully.