Apr.8, 2015

Poleward shifts in the pelagic complex, an effect of climate change?

POLSHIFT conference will be held at the Marine Research Institute of Iceland on 14-15 April 2015

The objective of the POLSHIFT conference is to bring together stakeholders, professional of the fishing industry and a broad spectrum of specialists of the pelagic complex species, to prepare future collaborations on the effect of global climate changes on the distribution of the pelagic species

Total 26 presentations will be given at the conference related to this topic. They cover amongst others chances in hydrographical condition, changes in distribution and abundance of zooplankton and pelagic fish stocks and the linkage between these factors. Presentations will be also being given on stocks’ distinction, diet of fish, fishery and other topics with relatedness to possible impacts of climate changes on pelagic fish stocks. The whole program of the conference is provided below and at: http://polshifts.neowordpress.fr
The presentations will be given in English and the conference is open to everybody as the room will allow but attendants must register at the door prior to the conference.

The conference is supported by the Nordic Councils of Ministers Working Group for Fisheries (AG-FISH). The conference is organized by scientists from the Marine Research Institute in Iceland, Matís, and marine research institutes in Bergen in Norway, Torshavn in the Faroese and Nuuk in Greenland. The coordinator of the conference is Dr Christophe Pampoulie, Marine Research Institute Iceland (chrisp@hafro.is).

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