Jun.30 Utilisation of the Arctic Sea Urchin
Sep.19 State of stocks 2013/2014 - Prospects 2014/2015
Sep.30 Talented scientists honoured
Jul.25 The state of marine stocks in Icelandic waters

Feb.6, 2004
Promising recaptures of tagged redfish

The Marine Research Institute (MRI) has invested substantially in the development of Underwater Tagging Equipment (UTE) which has been developed in collaboration with STAR-ODDI, Marine Device Manufactoring. The main reason for MRI's interest is associated with the unknown stock structure of Sebastes mentella redfish, stock components in the Irminger Sea and along the shelf and slopes of Iceland, Greenland and the Faeroe Islands. As long as the stock structure and possible interrelation between possible stock components remain unknown, it will always be difficult to assess the status of the stock(s) and to give reliable advice on how to manage this important resource.

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