The ISMN Catalog (IS Megaptera Novaeangliae Catalog) gathers over 800 unique humpback whale individuals from the 1980s to date (and the numbers still growing) collected during MFRI surveys and by various partners/contributors.

The updated version of the ISMN catalog can be found here.

The collection of humpback whale individuals presented on this page is the Marine Research Institute of Iceland (Hafrannsóknastofnun) collection of known humpback whale since 1980 through our dedicated surveys and private partner contributions. We are still currently adding records from 1992-1993 and from new surveys.

This collection has been made available for public access in order to share information about humpback whales sighted around Iceland (and anywhere else) and increase our knowledge on these whales.

You are not allowed to download or copy this page and its content, but you are free to share a LINK to it at your convenience.

We want to specify that NONE of the Photos presented below are free to be used by anyone, in any circumstances without a written agreement of Hafrannsóknastofnun Whale Research Department. (Please contact Gisli Vikingsson or Valerie Chosson.

Our expertise and our research have revealed interesting migration patterns and occurrence of humpback whales, and can only get better with YOUR contribution.

See a record of tagged a humpback whale migration here

If you have humpback whale photos taken around Iceland, with information such as date and location of the sighting, we would appreciate to receive a copy of them and add them in the National Catalogue (after quality control). Please go to the submission page.

We also maintain catalogues of killer whales (orcas), blue whales, fin whales and common minke whales and we welcome submissions of photos of these species taken in Icelandic waters or elsewhere in the North Atlantic.