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Apr.13, 2011
Press Release from the Marine Research Institute: Provisional results from the 2011 Icelandic Groundfish Survey

The 27th Iceland Groundfish Survey (IGFS) took place for the 1-19 March 2011. Five trawlers participated: The commercial trawlers Bjartur NK, Ljósafell SU and Jón Vídalín VE, respectively and the research vessels Árni Friðriksson and Bjarni Sæmundsson. Around 600 fixed trawl stations were investigated allround the country (Fig. 1) . The main aim of IGFS is to monitor between-year changes in stock sizes, distribution and biological status of demersal fish stocks around Iceland and study variability in sea water temperature on the fishing grounds. Following is a brief summary of preliminary results available.

The mean bottom temperature was rather high in 2011 as it has been in recent years. In the warm ocean water at the south and west coasts of Iceland, the temperature was similar to the recent nine years. At the north coast the bottom temperature was also rather high, however, somewhat lower than during the spring surveys 2003-2006 (Fig. 2) .

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