Jun.12 The state of marine stocks in Icelandic waters
Feb.8 Measurement of dead herring in Kolgrafafjord complete
Sep.4 SAM: Stock structure of the Atlantic Mackerel (Scomber scombrus L.). An ecological-time scale approach to solve stock(s) management
Aug.24 Results from joint international mackerel survey confirm abundant mackerel within the Icelandic EEZ
Aug.17 State of stocks 2011/2012 - Prospects 2012/2013

Jun.12, 2013
The state of marine stocks in Icelandic waters

The report on the state of marine stocks in Icelandic waters for the fishing year 2012/2013 and prospects for the quota year 2013/2014 was issued on June 6. This report provides customary information about the state of specific stocks, development of fisheries, stock size and recommended maximum catch levels, which takes into account their estimated productivity and conservation issues where necessary. Also, there is a short chapter about important environmental factors and their respective effects on marine life.

The report is written in Icelandic but all tables and figures also have English titles. Furthermore, the abstract of the report is written in English.

The whole report will be available in English within 2 weeks, around June 25.

English summary

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