Jun.12 The state of marine stocks in Icelandic waters
Feb.8 Measurement of dead herring in Kolgrafafjord complete
Sep.4 SAM: Stock structure of the Atlantic Mackerel (Scomber scombrus L.). An ecological-time scale approach to solve stock(s) management
Aug.24 Results from joint international mackerel survey confirm abundant mackerel within the Icelandic EEZ
Aug.17 State of stocks 2011/2012 - Prospects 2012/2013

Jun.13, 2007
Seaweeds of the east coast of Iceland

On May 31, the Marine Research Institute (MRI) initiated a three week expedition to study the seaweeds of the east coast of Iceland. The main aim of the research is to register species and their distribution along the shores of Iceland. The study is a cooperative effort of the MRI, the Natural History Museum, London and the Botanical Museum in Copenhagen.

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