Aug.15 Mackerel survey on R/V Arni Fridriksson in Icelandic waters
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May.11 Environmental Conditions in Icelandic Waters 2008
Jun.5 Status report
Jun.13 Seaweeds of the east coast of Iceland

Aug.24, 2012
Results from joint international mackerel survey confirm abundant mackerel within the Icelandic EEZ

This week fisheries scientists from the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Norway met to analyse and coordinate results from a joint mackerel survey that was conducted earlier this summer. As earlier reported on the MRI website, the investigations were carried out onboard four vessels from Iceland, the Faroes and Norway during the period 1 July through 10 August 2012. The main aim was to map the distribution and abundance of mackerel and other pelagic in the Northeast Atlantic while undertaking feeding migrations to northern waters in addition to investigate ocean conditions and productivity of the area. R/V Árni Friðdriksson participate for the fourth time in this annual joint mackerel survey and this year all vessels were using a recently developed and standardised pelagic trawl for the entire survey area.

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