Aug.15 Mackerel survey on R/V Arni Fridriksson in Icelandic waters
Apr.13 Press Release from the Marine Research Institute: Provisional results from the 2011 Icelandic Groundfish Survey
May.11 Environmental Conditions in Icelandic Waters 2008
Jun.5 Status report
Jun.13 Seaweeds of the east coast of Iceland

Sep.30, 2013
Talented scientists honoured

Telented scientists honoured at the Annual Science Conference in Reykjavik, Iceland.

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Links to images:
23 Sept Sjo
23 Sept evening Sjo
23 Sept Kristjan Kristinsson
24 Sept Sjo
24 Sept_Kristjan Kristinsson
24 Sept Margret Thorvaldsdottir - Poster Session
25 Sept Sjo
25 Sept Kristjan Kristinsson
25 Sept evening Sjo
26 Sept Sjo
26 Sept Kristjan Kristinsson
26 Sept Margret Thorvaldsdottir
27 Sept Sjo
27 Sept Kristjan Kristinsson
27 Sept Sjo

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