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How to operate the search engine

Choose one or more of the keywords given below. You can choose, fish species, tag legend and enter a particular tag number you read from the tag. When the keywords have been chosen you select "search" and the program searches the MRI database on tags and tagging for information on the corresponding tagging experiment. The outcome of the search is presented in a table form.
General searches like selecting all tags for one species is possible but will take a lot of time and the outcome may not be correct.


One has a fish tag which was found with or without the fish

select the species (if known) and the legend given and enter the tag number and get some information

The legend and number code on the tag is essential for the search to be successful.
If the legend is not given as a choice, the tag will not have been used by this institute at least not since 1990.

It is very important to get the tag returned to the institute where it was released.
If a tag is found which has been released by this institute, please send it to the Marine Research Institute, Skulagata 4, 121 Reykjavik, Iceland, in an envelope with all the information you have about the tag. Your name and address is also important, and name of institute where you work..

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