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Árni Friðriksson RE 200
R/v Árni Friðriksson RE 200 / 2350

Main Dimensions
Length o.a. : 69,90 m
Length p.p. : 60,00 m
Breadth mld. : 14,00 m
Depth to Deck 4 : 10,30 m
Max Mean Draft : 6,80 m
Gross Tonnage 2.233

General Information
M/v Arni Fridriksson is build as multi-purpose research vessel and delivered by Asmar Shipyard year 2000, designed for fisheries and oceanographic research, principally in the North Atlantic Ocean, temperate and arctic waters, with LR Ice Class 1B on the hull. To secure a powerful low noise research vessel the propulsion system is of diesel electric type. The noise is within the limit recommended by ICES for research vessels.
The vessel is equipped with sophisticated electronic equipment for stock assessment, bottom research and communication. The vessel has powerful winches, cranes and a-frame to operate heavy gear from the stern and side. Seatings and connections for two 20 containers are arranged on the upper deck aft of the wheelhouse.
Ten laboratories for different uses are in the vessel located on deck 3 & 4. Electric available is 3x440 V 60 Hz for motors etc and 4x230 V 50 Hz for the ship's net.

Speed: Max speed 16,1 knots, cruising speed 11-13 knots
Bollard Pull:61 tons
Range: 9000 nautical miles at 12 knots
Endurance: 30 days
Accommodation: Crew 16. Scientists 17, in 13 single cabins and 2 double cabins. A toilet and shower is in each cabin

The propulsion system is of diesel electric type based on four diesel engines and one direct coupled AC propulsion motor.

Engines: Four Caterpillar 3512B 1080 kW each
Propulsion motor: Astholm 3300 kW AC, 150 to 172 rpm.
Propeller: Kamewa 3600 mm diameter in Nozzle, 150/172 rpm/min
Thrusters: Two Pump Jets 400 kW each and a 250 kW bow thruster

The vessel is equipped with a drop keel for the echo sounder transducers. The keel can be lowered 3,2m below the ships bottom, eliminating flow noise between the ships hull and the transducers, as well as diminishing the effect of aeration due to wave action.

Echo sounders: Simrad EK60 operating at four frequen.: 18, 38, 120 and 200 kHz
Fisheries Search Sonars: Kaijo Denki low and high frequency
EM300 Multibeam: For 3D mapping of the bottom,
Current profiler: Teledyne ADCP 75 kHz
Communication: GMDSS, satellite phone and internet

Deck Equipment
The vessel is equipped with numerous winches for towing and scientific purposes. Three main winches with a max pull of 32t each, enables the vessel to operate two trawls simultaneously. The vessel has big drums that can be used for pelagic trawls or cables and a number of auxiliary winches. Scientific winches include CTD winch, hydrographic winch, a zooplankton winch for horizontal or vertical nets, two electrical cable winches for zooplankton sampling and a multi purpose winch for various users. On board are three hydraulic cranes two located on the aft deck one 70tm with working radius of 19m and one 36tm with working radius of 19m and one located on the forecastle deck 24tm wit 12m working radius. To operate gear at the stern an A-frame with approx 35t lifting capacity is located.

Tel.: +354 8512085
Immarsat: 000 871/000 874-325 150 711
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The ship is available for rent. Please contact Sólmundur Már Jónsson (solmar@hafro.is, tel: +354 5752000).

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